Church In Action Ministries/SAFEHouse has been silenced due to a combination of financial constraints caused by the current war on ministries and conservative organizations by the IRS and the Obama Administration, and 21 years of broken promises by many Christians over these 21 years who never let their yes be yes and did not follow through with their pledges and promises to support this ministry. I am grateful that there are still good brothers and sisters in Christ in the world and we pray that God will press upon their hearts to help restore this ministry and retire our 21 years of debt that was acquired in service to Christ. 

Please help us retire over $300,000 of debt that we have acquired over 21 years of service to Christ and our communities. We thank you in advance.

If the Lord finds us worthy to settle our debt and re-establish this ministry then we will return in service to Christ.

If you want to help bring this ministry back to life a contribution would be helpful. We thank you Lord Jesus, for letting us spend 21 years of helping children, families, and other ministries with food, clothing, furnishings, as well as taught and provided free or reduced cost counseling. It has been a great run in service to Christ.

To help us financially please click on the button below:

Thank you, for everything.

Pastor Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr., MS, PHD(ABD), MHP   

P.O. Box 10413
Bellevue, WA 98015