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Welcome to SAFEHouse where our focus is the restoration of relationships and the strengthening of the family.


Healthy people make healthy families and healthy communities.


We believe that healthy people make healthy families and healthy communities by providing a guiding light to relevant solutions for every day problems.


To improve and develop the understanding of a person's role in society, which strengthens the individual and family by utilizing current psychological theories and practices through practical psychoeducational training programs and workshops so that every house can become a SAFEHouse.


To develop programs for the practical training of individuals to become men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children, and friends. These programs are called, "The Measure of a..."
To develop Pre-Marriage workshops, Marriage workshops, Parent/Child workshops, Teen workshops for the purpose of strengthening marriages and families.
Using print, various audio and visual, Internet, interactive workbooks and software we shall make these programs available on a national and international level for small groups, churches, schools, and other organizations, or to use one-on-one in a mentoring relationship.
To develop the SAFEHouse Network of national and international resources for mental health providers, chemical dependency programs, health care, abuse recovery, food banks, and more, who follow strict guidelines to ensure quality of care for those in various needs.

Introduction to SAFEHouse.

“The sad thing is that most men do not realize that what it took to win his loving bride is what he needs to do to keep her his loving bride all throughout their marriage. Since most women go into marriage with the prince/princess syndrome, it effects them significantly when her prince turns back into the frog.”

– Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr.